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Germany Jobseeker visa

Germany Job Seeker Visa is a Long-term Residence permit that allows qualified skilled worker to stay in Germany & Search a job. Germany intends to attract highly skilled and educated migrants who are able to fullfil the job market requirement in Germany.


• Applicant must be a holder of Bachelor Degree or Master’s Degree from German Universities or foreign degrees equivalent to German Degrees.

• Applicant must have minimum of five years’ experience related to the field of studies.

• Applicant must show the proofs of sufficient funds to cover initial stay in Germany.

• Applicant must have travel or medical insurance to cover the entire period of stay until the Work Permit is granted.

• Applicant is required to show Minimum 3.5 lakhs in liquid cash Once an applicant acquires a job offer of annual gross salary of at least 44,800 euros or 34,944 euros, in case of Specialists in the fields of mathematics, IT, life sciences and engineering, they are eligible to apply for Blue Card (Residence Permit)

The job seeker visa is valid for a period of 6 months. Upon arrival in germany if the applicant has been successful in finding a job a Work Permit will be granted.

Benefits of EU Blue Card

• EU Blue Card holders are entitled to a permanent residence permit after 33 months


• Applicant can obtain your permanent residence permit after 21 months, if the applicant approve language skills B1 level of CEFR

File Processing Time : 12 week / 3 months approximately from the date of submission of Application

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