About New Brunswick PNP

The NBPNP is only accepting expression of interest (EOI) forms from applicants who fall under the below mentioned criteria.

1. a connection to New Brunswick as described below

2. Applicant have attended a NBPNP information session in person in the past two years prior to the submission of an EOI

3. Open Category

1. Connection to New Brunswick

1. The NBPNP will accept EOI forms continuously from qualified skilled workers who demonstrate at least one connection to New Brunswick, mentioned below.

2. Candidates who are working in New Brunswick must write “Connection to New Brunswick”

3. Candidates who have received post-secondary education diplomas from a recognized New Brunswick institution

4. Candidates who have relatives who have been living in New Brunswick as permanent residents or Canadian Citizens for at least one year; please include “relatives” in your email subject

5. Candidates who have worked full-time in New Brunswick for at least one year in the past five years.

6. Candidates who have a full-time, permanent offer of employment from a New Brunswick company.

7. Candidates who have French as their first language. Applicant must provide their Test d’évaluation de français (TEF) certificate.

2. Applicants who have attended a New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP) Information Session in the Past 2 years.

The NBPNP accepts EOI forms continuously (any day of the week) from individuals who have attended a NBPNP information session or have met with NBPNP staff at a domestic or international recruitment event in the past two years.

• Candidate must demonstrate that they have attended an information sessionThey must provide evidence of their registration date and event or name of the NBPNP staff they have met and state the place and date.

• Priority will be given to occupations mentioned below.


Information technology: programmers; analysts; and technical customer support
Business and financial analysts
Retail trade managers
Accounting technicians and bookkeepers
Restaurant and hospitality managers; cooks; and chefs
Translators (English-French)
Manufacturing managers
Bilingual administrative assistants (French-English)

All individuals who fall under one or both of the above categories MUST also meet the minimum eligibility criteria of the New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP) ― Express Entry Labour Market Stream (EELMS).

3. Open Category

• Open Category: (2171; 2172; 2174; 2175; 2281)

• Potential applicants who fall under the above mentioned NOC Codes may receive an invitation to apply from the Province based on identified demand in the IT sector.

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